Cracking The Frame Presents

CTFP is a program of film screenings, presentations, talks and other events at different locations in the city, exploring the shifting domains of documentary cinema and visual arts. Through this program we aim to investigate the practice of filmmaking as a critical inquiry into a narrative reality, depicting dialogues emerging between makers, local contexts and its derived realities in cinema.

In 2016, the program at Rialto cinema included a critical selection of newly premiered documentaries about artists, and the latest works by artists and filmmakers Phil Collins, Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan and Ben Rivers. Screenings and talks by the artists and invited experts as professor in media studies Patricia Pisters and curator Jelle Bouwhuis, were followed by the exhibition 'American Pain' by artist Wineke Gartz at PuntWG art space, and a three-day seminar 'Rupture of Representation' directed by curator Leire Vergara together with artists Wineke Gartz and Ranah Hamadeh. Dinner screenings and talks included guests (and works) by Wineke Gartz and film maker Pieter Jan Smit, artist Benjamin Tiven and theorist Alena Alexandrova, artist Randa Maroufi and film programmer Julian Ross. Finally artists Donna Verheijden and Roy Villevoy closed the program with their latest video works at Lima / Lab111. 



CTFP was the first of a new series of collaborative programs dedicated to documentary film and visual arts and it served as the pilot for the creation of a new multidisciplinary platform dedicated to documentary film and visual arts. The latest CTFP instalment is a curated program presented at Van Gogh Museum on 28 April 2017.


Artistic director: Christian Pazzaglia

Art program director: Heidi Vogels

Production manager: Bass Beek

Guests and volunteers coordinator: Morgann Brun

Marketing and communications: Sarie Soewargana

Q&A’s moderator: Helen Westerik

Graphic design:
Team Thursday & Alice Saey

Konstantin Guz